Wednesday 7 October 2015

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 I didn't quite appreciate that nudism and naturism were so huge, they are a big part of many peoples' lives. So it is very apt and appropriate that niche dating sites be created for nudists and naturists to meet, chat, flirt and date. Hence was created!

So, nudists and naturists looking for like minded soul mates can meet at The sites are multi-lingual for French, German, Italian, Spanish, Lithuanian, Czech, Swedish and Polish naturists and nudists to converse in their native tongue. All the sites are mobile phone friendly, so they are effectively a mobile dating app for nudists.

The site is free to join, and the great thing is that for the first month, new members get free access to some facilities, including winks and fifty free emails, so it's risk free, "try before you buy dating", sounds good to me, see you there! 

Friday 19 April 2013

Swedish Nudist Chat Fun and Dating at

As a nudist in Sweden, what's the best way to go about finding a fuck buddy to hit the nudist beach with at Agesta or Tullan near Stockholm, or Smitska Udden near Gothenburg? 

What's the best niche Swedish nudist chat dating site to try, rather than try your luck in your local bar, or even when you get to the beach? 

How do you know if your prospective partner practices nudism, or even knows what it is? How do you find out, subtly, whether she is single or not? What if she has a boyfriend already, or maybe even a girlfriend, and doesn't fancy getting naked in public either? Waste of time, effort, emotional energy and the courage to ask in the first place. You need: is a very popular site with thousands of nudist members from Sweden and surrounding countries, covering Finland, Norway and Denmark as well as Latvia, Germany and Russia. The svenska chat facilities at the site are awesome, with sms kontakt, email, voice and webcam chat all available. There are also some neat ice breakers where you can "wink" at someone you fancy and send an e-card from a range of ready to use templates, just click and send!

The site is also fully mobile dating compatible, and detects when you are accessing the site by phone, so it can automatically present user friendly, easy to read screens on your phone, so no need to keep zooming in and out to read content. The mobile phone home page screen looks like this: caters for all sexual orientations, so whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, bi sexual or looking for threesome fun with a couple, you will find partners looking for the same as you. There are some profiles of existing members below, just click on any profile for more information, sign up and hook up today:

The site is totally free to join, you can browse profiles for free once you sign up and you can de-register at any time.

For a great review site of Sweden's finest nudist beaches, with visitor reviews, directions, pictures and videos, visit Top Nudist Beaches, a specialist nudist beach review blog.

Thursday 11 April 2013

Date A Naturist - THE online meeting place for Naturists | Free to join dating site

Nudist Nudism, Naturist Naturism - what's the difference? There's a great answer here at Yahoo Answers, voted as the best definition:

"The difference is very subtle, and the definitions likely differ from one nudist / naturist to the next. I consider myself to be a naturist rather than a nudist (and I'm in the US). I tend to think of nudists as seeing nudity as more of a social thing, something to be enjoyed with friends at home or at a nude beach / resortNaturists see nudity as a way of life, a healthy lifestyle that lives clothes-free and greatly appreciates the link between being nude, which is perfectly natural, and the rest of nature. I would also tend to think that while nudists don't mind wearing clothes in clothing-required situations and locations, naturists can't stand to wear clothes because they feel like an uncomfortable covering of the body, and can't wait to take the clothes back off. Of course this is all just my own subjective opinion." Source Yahoo Answers.

Subtle indeed - and even more important when looking for a naturist partner, whether you are a single, straight, gay, lesbian or mature naturist.

That's why it;s important to find the right niche naturist dating site, where you can find the naturist partner for you. is a great place to start.

All members of this modern, mobile friendly naturist dating site are naturists, so you know straight away that you are mingling with like-minded individuals who share the same naturism values as you. There is an immediate affinity with the members on the site - no need to trawl through profiles, sound people out by text or email, even web cam chat, to find out if they share the same interest in a naturist lifestyle. You are amongst friends straight away, so you can focus on your search criteria, knowing that "naturist" has already been taken care of. is totally free to join, you can sign up here and start browsing local naturist profiles. You can register with your Facebook account details, which is a quick and secure way of registering - NO DETAILS of your sign-up are passed to your Facebook timeline, it's just a smart, easy, quick way to join. Remember to check your emails (including your spam / junk mail folders) for your confirmation email; there's a link in the email that you must click to confirm your membership.

The dating site is fully mobile dating friendly and enabled, so if you register or login with your mobile, you are presented automatically with a very easy to use, intuitive set of screens, so no need to zoom in and out to read content. The mobile landing page looks like this:

The site comes in twelve different languages  as well as English, (Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish), just select your preference from the drop down box in the top right of the home page. The site has some great features for members to use, one of the best is the "wink" facility where you can send a "wink" to someone you fancy; you can also send an e-card from a range of ready to use templates to say "hello". Regular emails are sent about your "hot matches", new members and when someone either winks at you or when you get an e-card. You can't resist but to check out who fancies you straight away, it's a great feeling! accommodates all sexual orientations; there is a strong gay, lesbian and mature naturist presence on the site, as you can see from the selection of members below. (If you can't find anyone in your country, use the search box further down this review to check who is in your area!)

So, you can see from the above selections that covers every sexual preference; use the search box below to refine your own personal search: is totally free to join, so don't wait, click below for sign up!

If you would like information on the world's top naturist beaches, then visit, which has reviews, directions, pictures and videos of the best naturist and nudist beaches in the UK, USA, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Australia and New Zealand with more reviews added regularly!

For a review of, follow this link to its review on Date A Nudist Blogspot, the review is in both English and German.

For a comprehensive listing of the best naturist and nudist dating sites by country, please visit Dating Personals Directory which has reviews of a number of niche country specific naturist and nudist dating sites, including the UK, Ireland, South Africa, USA, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands.

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Wednesday 10 April 2013

Spanish Nudist Dating Fun Chat and Sex Dates at

If you live in Spain, and you are a nudist or a naturist, how do you find a fuck buddy to hit the beach with? 

For single nudists and naturists in Spain, the best niche nude dating site is, which is in both Spanish and English.

This is the Espanol Nudistas landing page, which you see on a desktop or laptop computer. The site is also fully mobile phone friendly, and there is a comparison of the mobile screen for you to check out later:

The mobile page is less image intensive, and simpler in its look and feel, and looks like this, very easy to navigate and use, no zooming in and out to read content: has some great features, all available on any device, either computer or mobile handset. There is the facility to wink at someone you fancy which is a brilliant ice-breaker, a way to tell someone quickly and easily that you fancy them. You can also send an e-card from a range of ready to use templates.

In the member's area, you can search for partners, you can set your preferences and criteria of who you are looking for. caters for all sexual preferences so whether you are straight, gay, lesbian or looking for a threesome, you will find a match at the site. There are some member profiles later to check out - just click on any of them for more information. 

You will get regular emails about new members who have joined who match your search criteria, and you get emails when someone winks at you or sends a card, and an email with your hot matches. 

These are just a few of the thousands of members looking for fun, flirt dates and chat, so check them out now!

Read a review of, in Spanish, at Dating Personals Directory, a specialist niche dating site review blog. is totally FREE to join, so sign up now by visiting the site and CLICK HERE!

FKK Naturist Frauen, Männer, Singles, Homosexuell, Lesben, Ältere, Paare Kontakte

FKK befürwortet eine naturistic Ansatz Leben in der Gemeinschaft, im wesentlichen umfassenden Naturismus und Nudismus, die unter anderen Attributen ein Bekleidungs-freien Lebensstil umfasst.

FKK ist sehr beliebt in der ganzen Welt, und FKK ist weit verbreitet in Europa anerkannt, so dass FKK-Strände werden "FKK" Hinweise auf sie haben darüber, was auf ihnen bezüglich Kleidung frei, "clothing optional" oder verboten ganz in manchen Fällen akzeptabel .

Also, wo ist der beste Ort, um FKK Naturisten online treffen? ist ein großartiger Ort zu starten, eine eigene Nische FKK Dating-Website.

Die Dating-Website ist völlig frei zu verbinden, Sie können verwendet Ihre Facebook Login-Daten an der Klick auf eine Schaltfläche, die sich auf der linken Seite der Web-Seite ist zu registrieren. Dies wird nichts hinzufügen, um Ihre Facebook Timeline, so mach dir keine Sorgen, können Sie Ihre Anmeldung ganz privat, die "App" nur verwendet Ihre Login-Profil Details an um das Minimum an Informationen braucht es um Sie zu registrieren extrahieren. Sobald Sie sich registrieren, überprüfen Sie Ihre E-Mails (und Ihren Spam-als auch im Falle der Bestätigungs-E wird aus irgendeinem Grund gefiltert) und klicken Sie auf den Bestätigungslink in ihm. So einfach ist das., und Sie erhalten Zugang zu Tausenden von FKK Naturist Foto persönlichen Profilen zu suchen haben.

Dies ist die Startseite für die Website, mit Hunderten von Fotos Profilen gezeigt, darunter gerade FKK Frauen suchen Männer, gerade FKK Mann sucht Frau, FKK Homosexuell Männer für Männer suchen, Frauen, FKK Frauen suchen FKK Paare für Dreier und Paare und reifen Naturisten über 35.

Die Seite ist vollständig mobil freundlich, so, wenn Sie Ihr Mobiltelefon verwenden, um auf das Internet zugreifen möchten, die Bildschirme für wird automatisch auf Ihr Handy-Display Größe anpassen, so zum Beispiel die Handy-Version der Homepage sieht wie folgt aus :

Dieser Bildschirm wird automatisch angezeigt, wenn Sie Ihr Telefon, keine Notwendigkeit, irgendwelche Einstellungen anpassen oder Hantieren mit Ein-und Auszoomen zum Lesen von Inhalt zu verwenden, es ist alles sehr intuitiv. Die Website kommt mit einigen tollen Features als auch, wie in der Lage, auf jemanden Sie Lust wink oder senden Sie eine E-Card aus einer Auswahl von fertigen Vorlagen verwenden. Sie können per SMS, E-Mail, Voice-oder Web-Cam Chat, die alle sehr einfach zu bedienen unterhalten.

Sie erhalten regelmäßig E-Mails über neue Mitglieder, die verbunden, die Ihren Suchkriterien entsprechen, so dass Sie nicht verpassen die Gelegenheit, neue Mitglieder zu erfüllen. Sie werden auch benachrichtigt, wenn jemand zwinkert sie, oder wenn Sie eine E-Mail von jemandem. In Ihrem Mitgliederbereich können Sie auch prüfen, wer online ist, dass Sie vielleicht einen schnellen Flirt mit Lust! bietet für alle sexuellen Vorlieben, gerade aus dem Dropdown-Feld auswählen, wenn Sie sich registrieren und Ihre Daten aktualisieren, wenn Sie wollen, zu jeder Zeit. Dies sind nur einige der FKK Naturist Mitglieder, die auf der Website registriert haben und für Spaß und Kontakte suchen.

Hier sind eine Auswahl von Mitglieder mit besonderen sexuellen Vorlieben - jetzt anmelden, um die FKK-Profile, die mit Ihren Bedürfnissen und leben in der Nähe Sie passen zu erkunden! 

Vielen Dank für Ihre Zeit, besuchen Sie bitte die Website, indem Sie auf der Site Logo unten!

Wenn Sie Informationen über die besten FKK-und FKK-Strände suchen, besuchen Sie bitte und folgen Sie Top FKK Strände, mit regelmäßigen Updates auf FKK-Strände.

Für eine umfassende Liste der FKK-und FKK-Dating-Sites nach Land, dann versuchen Dating Personals Directory, eine Nische Dating-Website bewerten Blog, mit Bewertungen der länderspezifischen FKK-und FKK-Dating-Sites, darunter Dänemark, Schweden, Niederlande, Deutschland (die Heimat von FKK ) und Spanien.