Thursday 11 April 2013

Date A Naturist - THE online meeting place for Naturists | Free to join dating site

Nudist Nudism, Naturist Naturism - what's the difference? There's a great answer here at Yahoo Answers, voted as the best definition:

"The difference is very subtle, and the definitions likely differ from one nudist / naturist to the next. I consider myself to be a naturist rather than a nudist (and I'm in the US). I tend to think of nudists as seeing nudity as more of a social thing, something to be enjoyed with friends at home or at a nude beach / resortNaturists see nudity as a way of life, a healthy lifestyle that lives clothes-free and greatly appreciates the link between being nude, which is perfectly natural, and the rest of nature. I would also tend to think that while nudists don't mind wearing clothes in clothing-required situations and locations, naturists can't stand to wear clothes because they feel like an uncomfortable covering of the body, and can't wait to take the clothes back off. Of course this is all just my own subjective opinion." Source Yahoo Answers.

Subtle indeed - and even more important when looking for a naturist partner, whether you are a single, straight, gay, lesbian or mature naturist.

That's why it;s important to find the right niche naturist dating site, where you can find the naturist partner for you. is a great place to start.

All members of this modern, mobile friendly naturist dating site are naturists, so you know straight away that you are mingling with like-minded individuals who share the same naturism values as you. There is an immediate affinity with the members on the site - no need to trawl through profiles, sound people out by text or email, even web cam chat, to find out if they share the same interest in a naturist lifestyle. You are amongst friends straight away, so you can focus on your search criteria, knowing that "naturist" has already been taken care of. is totally free to join, you can sign up here and start browsing local naturist profiles. You can register with your Facebook account details, which is a quick and secure way of registering - NO DETAILS of your sign-up are passed to your Facebook timeline, it's just a smart, easy, quick way to join. Remember to check your emails (including your spam / junk mail folders) for your confirmation email; there's a link in the email that you must click to confirm your membership.

The dating site is fully mobile dating friendly and enabled, so if you register or login with your mobile, you are presented automatically with a very easy to use, intuitive set of screens, so no need to zoom in and out to read content. The mobile landing page looks like this:

The site comes in twelve different languages  as well as English, (Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish), just select your preference from the drop down box in the top right of the home page. The site has some great features for members to use, one of the best is the "wink" facility where you can send a "wink" to someone you fancy; you can also send an e-card from a range of ready to use templates to say "hello". Regular emails are sent about your "hot matches", new members and when someone either winks at you or when you get an e-card. You can't resist but to check out who fancies you straight away, it's a great feeling! accommodates all sexual orientations; there is a strong gay, lesbian and mature naturist presence on the site, as you can see from the selection of members below. (If you can't find anyone in your country, use the search box further down this review to check who is in your area!)

So, you can see from the above selections that covers every sexual preference; use the search box below to refine your own personal search: is totally free to join, so don't wait, click below for sign up!

If you would like information on the world's top naturist beaches, then visit, which has reviews, directions, pictures and videos of the best naturist and nudist beaches in the UK, USA, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Australia and New Zealand with more reviews added regularly!

For a review of, follow this link to its review on Date A Nudist Blogspot, the review is in both English and German.

For a comprehensive listing of the best naturist and nudist dating sites by country, please visit Dating Personals Directory which has reviews of a number of niche country specific naturist and nudist dating sites, including the UK, Ireland, South Africa, USA, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands.

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