Tuesday 9 April 2013

FKK Naturist Women Men Singles Gay Lesbian Mature Couples Contacts

So what is FKK? It stands for "Freik√∂rperkultur", a German movement the name of which translates to "Free Body Culture"

FKK endorses a naturistic approach to community living, essentially embracing naturism and nudism, which encompasses amongst other attributes a clothing free lifestyle. 

Naturism is very popular all over the world, and FKK is recognised widely in Europe, so much so that naturist beaches will have "FKK" notices on them regarding what is acceptable on them regarding clothing free, clothing optional, or banned altogether in some instances.

So where is the best place to meet FKK naturists online? FKKNaturist.com is one great place to start, a dedicated niche naturist dating web site.

The dating site is totally free to join; you can uses your Facebook login details to register at the click of a button, which is on the left hand side of the web page. This will NOT add anything to your Facebook timeline, so don't worry, you can keep your registration totally private; the "app" just uses your login profile details to extract the minimum information it needs to register you. Once you register, check your emails (and your spam as well in case the confirmation email is filtered out for some reason) and click the confirmation link in it. Simple as that, and you will have access to thousands of FKK Naturist photo personal profiles to browse.

This is the landing page for the site, with hundreds of photo profiles shown, including straight naturist women looking for men, straight naturist men looking for women, FKK gay men looking for men, women seeking FKK women, naturist couples looking for threesomes and couples, and mature naturists over 35.

The site is totally mobile friendly, so if you prefer to use your mobile phone to access the internet, the screens for FKKNaturist.com will automatically adjust to your phone's screen size, so for example the mobile phone version of the home page looks like this:

This screen will automatically appear if you use your phone, no need to adjust any settings or fiddle around with zooming in and out to read content, it's all very intuitive. The site comes with some great features as well, like being able to wink at someone you fancy or send an e-card from a selection of ready to use templates. You can chat by text, email, voice or web cam chat, which are all very easy to use. 

You will get regular emails about any new members that have joined that match your search criteria, so you won't miss out on the opportunity to meet new members at FKKNaturist.com. You will also be notified when someone winks at you, or when you get an email from someone. In your member area, you can also check who's online that you might fancy a quick flirt with!

FKKNaturist.com caters for all sexual preferences, just select from the drop down box when you register and update your details if you want to, at any time. These are just some of the FKK Naturist members who have registered on the site and are looking for fun and contacts.

Here are a selection of FKKNaturist.com members with specific sexual preferences - sign up now to explore the naturist profiles that match with your needs and who live near you!

Thank you for your time, please visit the site by clicking on the site logo below!

If you are looking for information on the best nudist and naturist beaches, please visit and follow Top Nudist Beaches, with regular updates on naturist beaches.

For a comprehensive list of nudist and naturist dating sites by country, then try Dating Personals Directory, a niche dating site review blog, with reviews of country specific naturist and nudist dating sites, including Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany (the home of FKK) and Spain.

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